Priorities – Issues

Holding Government Accountable

As a Government Watchdog, Patty has long advocated for clear and transparent government, and she’ll continue to fight against government corruption and waste. She’ll work to expand whistleblower protections and make it easier for people to report issues they see. And to make sure the people of Pennsylvania are fairly represented, she’ll work to end gerrymandering by pushing for an open and transparent group to draw voting maps.  Patty will fight for “No Budget No Pay” legislation, fight to ensure that Legislators cannot sit on Committees that govern their outside businesses, will work to end Legislator perks and gifts and will work towards legislation that prevents Legislators who commit a felony or violent crime from keeping their seat, their pension or their insurance.

In office, Patty will have an open-door policy for her constituents, holding regular town hall meetings. What’s more, she won’t accept per diems — and she’ll report her expenses publicly to be transparent with voters.

Advocating for Quality, Affordable Education

Patty believes that the people of Pennsylvania deserve a good education at every stage. She’ll work for safer schools, increased funding for education and for all school districts across the state to be fully funded every year. She’ll also push for expanded workforce education and training and for free college at state-owned schools.

Improving Services Without Raising Taxes

People in Pennsylvania already pay too much in taxes. That’s why Patty doesn’t believe in creating any new taxes on Pennsylvania residents. Instead, she will work to reprioritize how the government spends the money it already has to fund new and existing programs and services. Patty also feels the government should explore new possible sources of revenue, such as the Marcellus shale tax, closing the Delaware Loophole and a Fair Share Tax Plan that could allow the state to lower or get rid of school taxes.

Protecting Healthcare for Seniors

Patty believes that all Pennsylvanians should have access to affordable health care, and she’ll work hard to make that the case. She’ll fight to protect Medicare and Medicaid, and ensure that Pennsylvania’s seniors have the benefits they’ve been paying into all their lives.

Safeguarding Animals and the Environment

Patty will work to ensure the health and preservation of the environment. She’ll fight for improved waterway quality, so that children and families can safely enjoy Pennsylvania’s streams, rivers, and lakes. She’ll support protecting nature so that hunters, fishermen, and outdoor enthusiasts can continue to enjoy the state’s beauty and bounty. And she’ll ensure that the state is a welcoming home for wildlife and other animals, as well—-Patty strongly supports animal welfare, and believes we must be the voice for those who can’t speak for themselves.

Other Important Issues

Guns and the 2nd Amendment 

  • Patty is a gun owner who was raised in a family of hunters and married into a family of hunters.  Patty is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment who will work toward the goals we all share – to keep our schools safe, to keep guns out of the hands of people who will harm themselves or others and to keep guns stored safely so that children in the home cannot accidentally fire them.  Patty believes that the best place to start in protecting our society from mass shootings is with a strong mental health care system where people can receive the help they need instead of being turned away to handle the stresses of their life on their own and to strengthen our background reporting system to catch those at risk who may now be slipping through the cracks.

Workers and Unions

  • Patty is a strong supporter of Pennsylvania workers and the unions who support them.  Patty believes in raising the minimum wage and increasing workforce technical training.  Patty is opposed to any legislation that limits the union’s ability to represent Pennsylvania workers and legislation that prevents or makes it difficult for workers to join a union.


  • Patty is, and always has been, for an independent commission to draw the voting maps.  Both parties gerrymander which is why it is so important to have an independent commission draw the maps instead of leaving it in the hands of the parties who have a vested interest.